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Tournament Sponsorship

Crowdservice is teaming up with the MVHS eSports Club to sponsor the MVHS Overwatch 1v1 Tournament! We're providing financial support for this tournament, and the club is giving us airtime to promote Crowdservice. We are also offering the Club's members an awesome incentive for using the platform and helping us to get Crowdservice going.

Crowdservice is a mobile software platform (Android and Apple App) which allows busy people to list big and small chores, and other people bid a price for them. It's a bit like Craigslist or eBay for labor, however Crowdservice processes payments securely through PayPal and keeps track of multiple jobs at a time. Crowdservice is perfect for young entrepreneurs and students who want to make money doing various chores for other people between their school schedule and personal life.

Our promotional offer to all MVHS eSports Club members is as follows:

- We give you a Coupon Code

- You ask someone to list a job on Crowdservice from their phone. They can be a parent, friend, neighbor, or relative!

- They sign up with your code and list a job, you bid on it, and do the job. You get paid by them for doing the job. It can be anything, even taking out the trash for $5!

- Because you found us a new customer, we'll give you an additional $10 Finder's Fee

- Whomever gets the most new users during the week, will earn an additional $50 directly from us!

We hope this plan will work out for everyone and they will stay users on Crowdservice, you get extra money, and the MVHS eSports Club also gets support.

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