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CROWDSERVICE is a software platform whose mission is to bring together Customers and Service Providers, so the customers can get stuff done and Providers can make money doing it. Customers list jobs, and Providers bid what their time is worth. Customers pick bidders based on price, reputation and vetting level of the Provider. Providers gain ranking levels by completing jobs, and earning feedback. Your rank is shown in your personal map icon.

If you've linked to this page, it means that Crowdservice is now launching in your area and we are advertising to potential customers. For customers to keep interested, we need Providers already in place to bid on their jobs so we are offering a financial incentive to you to stick with the platform for a while. You can make a finder's fee above your job service fee.

If you want to make money with Crowdservice, here is what you can do:

1) Download and install the free Crowdservice app for Android or iOS. Sign up.


2) Tell people you know to list chores - skilled or unskilled - that you want to do for them. If they use your coupon code (see below) you make $5 when they list a job, and another $5 when the job completes.


3) Go to the county fair; busy street corner; drag race, concert, dog show - anywhere there are a lot of people, and get folks to install Crowdservice and list a job. Tell them that if they email us your coupon code, they get a $10 rebate when the job is complete. Tell them you also get $10. Write down their name or email if you can.


4) Bid on their job, do it, make the bid price. Tell us their name/email, and if they listed a job you get an extra $5. If the job completed, you get the full $10 whether you did it or someone else did it, because you signed them up.

You will make money with scale. For example, a $50 job you complete will earn you $60 because you found the new user. Or if you sign up 10 people but did none of their jobs, you will still make $50 for finding them.

To get started, email us at and we will issue you a coupon code, and make this plan clear for you. Please take a look around this website so you know what we are about.

Remember, the app is free, and even if you don't find any new users you have nothing to lose. However, if you need a little work this is your opportunity to get in on the platform early and start building your ranking level.

And Thank You for helping to make Crowdservice effective for everyone in your area! I hope you will stick with the platform, as your early status and ranking levels should really make you stand out from the Crowd further down the road.

Michael Duran, CEO

Crowdservice, Inc

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