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• Pay only when you

   accept a bidder

Have Anything Delivered

How it Works:
  1. Create a Shopping List with the item(s) you want

  2. Overestimate a price

  3. Pick a bidder

  4. Escrow funds Safely

  1. Your buyer confirms the item(s) and price

  2. Approve or Disapprove

  3. Buyer delivers. You Release the funds and get back your change

  1. If Item(s) are more than your escrow, opt to send extra funds

  2. All prices verified by receipt, and subject to YOUR approval

Do you need it Done?

  1. Sign up

  2. List a Job (free)

  3. Select Bidder

  4. Pay when the Job is Done

  • 30-second Job Listing

  • Pick a Bidder based on Price, Experience, Vetting

  • Problem? Refund.

  • No extra fees to us! Pay only the bid price

Do you Do These Jobs?

  1. Sign Up

  2. Search Jobs by Category

  3. Bid (FREE)

  4. Do it, Get Paid

  • Bid as many jobs as you want

  • Not selected? No loss

  • Build experience, get vetted to make more money

  • Keep your money! Our fees are under 10%

Contact Us:

(650) 669-7884

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Feel like giving a hand?

Bid $Zero to help Seniors and the Handicapped. You'll gain Karma Points, which show who you are to everyone. There may be other benefits too.

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