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1) After confirming your address, we will place a marker for your business on our maps:

3) View the job details:

2) Customers will be able to invite you to their jobs through your marker. You'll receive a notification and email:

4) You can ask for more details through the app before bidding:

When your bid is accepted, the Customer's money is escrowed with us. Once the job is done, we release payment to you. We keep track of all communications and bids. 


Crowdservice guarantees you will get paid the agreed price, hassle-free!

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List all your chores on Crowdservice, and choose your favorite bidder

List anything you want, we do it all


It's free, and takes only 30 seconds. List big jobs (cleaning, handyman and trades) or little jobs (shopping, pickup laundry, bring me a coffee)

If you think about it, list it! You may get a great bid.

We hold your money safely in Escrow. You pay when the job is done

Customers - Pay no extra fees

Bidders - Our fees are the lowest around @ 9%