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Promotions - Lake Havasu City Release

Crowdservice is a mobile application which allows people to list chores they are too busy to do, or don't know how to do, and other people bid on them. You choose between bids based on price, reputation and vetting level. Service providers use the same platform to bid, and make money.
The app is free, and it's free to list jobs and bid on jobs. When the customer chooses a bidder, she escrows the bid price on PayPal, which is then paid out to the Provider once the job is done. Feedback is left, and both users add 1 ranking point to their profile.
Jobs can include basically everything, skilled and unskilled. Running errands, handyman work, shopping, minor auto - our current main categories are Courier, Home and Auto. If you don't see something you can do, or want someone to do, email us and we can add it within a day.
Our challenge in starting out with CS is to get both Customers and Providers using the platform at the same time. Obviously, if a customer lists a job and no one bids, she will lose interest. If a Provider wants to bid on jobs but no one has listed any, they will lose interest. So for launching in each city, we want to recruit "Provider Super Users," as well as "Customer Ambassadors."
Provider SU's will understand our chicken-egg problem, and commit to leaving the app logged in even though they may not see many jobs at first (allowing other users to see activity on the real-time map). They will provide feedback to us about their experiences so that we can rapidly refine the software interface. For this, we will not charge a service fee for one month (typically 3-9%); and we will pay them 20% of their job price, on top of what they earn from the customer doing the job. So for example, a $30 job for the Customer will earn them $36 (minus the PayPal fee of $1.20 = $34.80). The provider will refer us to the job name and date, and we will pay them directly via PayPal.
Customer Ambassadors will be compensated $5 for each new signup they refer to us. For example, if you tell 5 friends about Crowdservice, and they create a free account, we will send you $25 via PayPal. We will also ask Customer Ambassadors to provide feedback on their user experience - what they want to see added to the software or any bugs they find.
Also, software is notoriously unpredictable when it scales. So if we have any crashes that disable the app for a short time, we will ask our Super Users and Ambassadors to stick with us in case we need to fix anything. So far so good, knock on wood :-)
These promo arrangements will be in effect through the month of October, and may be extended beyond that depending on how well things are going.
Crowdservice was created by Michael Duran, a local physician living and working in LHC. We are also marketing in Silicon Valley, but I like my little town and would love to see CS take off here too. Plus I can be more involved in the details of our early release since I live here.
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