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Crowdservice is a software platform connecting customers and service providers. We have a dual purpose, to allow some people to find work, and some to find help in skilled and unskilled services. The Crowdservice platform provides tools - user vetting, true demand pricing and an automated payment engine - to bring unprecedented safety and convenience and true affordability to large and small labor transactions.

Human Beings have been bartering services for millennia. Labor providers set their prices and their customers judge whether the bidder's price is worth it to them to have the job done.


Successful middlemen survive by finding a price which is reasonable to the buyer and seller for the value they bring in facilitating the transaction. Too high, and the middleman creates diminished returns.


This mechanism works. Up until now, on-line on-demand labor platforms have strayed from this time-tested model by setting prices for their labor pool, taking heavy transaction fees and providing variable value.

Crowdservice is designed to be safe - both financially and personally - while being efficient, effective and fun to use. Our fees are low because the software handles almost everything automatically, so Crowdservice providers keep more of their money and Customers pay less - and everything is under user control.


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