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Feel like giving a hand?

Bid $Zero to help Seniors and the Handicapped. You'll gain Karma Points, which show who you are to everyone. There may be other benefits too.

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(650) 669-7884

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  • Bid as many jobs as you want

  • Not selected? No loss

  • Build experience, get vetted to make more money

  • Keep your money! Our fees are under 10%

  • 30-second Job Listing

  • Pick a Bidder based on Price, Experience, Vetting

  • Problem? Refund.

  • No extra fees to us! Pay only the bid price

Do you need it Done?

Do you Do These Jobs?

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  4. Pay when the Job is Done

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Find a Talent to Help You With Anything

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   accept a bidder



  • Bartender

  • Computer Repair

  • Decorator

  • DJ

  • Dog Trainer

  • Driving Lessons

  • Fix my Bike

  • Furniture Assembly

For Example:

  • Hold my Place in Line

  • Language Tutoring

  • Masseuse

  • Piano Lessons

  • Plant doctor

  • Translation

  • Walk my dog

  • &c. Anything!

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