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Sign your friends up to Crowdservice - get a $5 Amazon Gift Card

Crowdservice works better the more users are on the platform.

More bidders for your jobs, and more jobs to bid on.

So we're trying an experiment, and as an early adopter you get to be the beneficiary. For each new user you bring onto Crowdservice, we will send you a $5 Amazon gift card. Here's how it works:

1. Ask your friend to create an account. Help them list a job - anything legal
2. Send us the email address they used to sign up, and the job_name they listed. Send to (or reply to this email)
3. We'll verify the new user and job listing, and...
4. Email YOU the gift card. There is no limit to how many $5 cards you can earn, 1 per new user/job

5. If you do the job for them, we will send you a second $5 card = $10 for a complete job (plus whatever Bid fee you earn for doing the job. Works great with friends and family)


If this experiment works, we'll run the offer on social media and let you know ahead of time so you can do it again. The more people on the platform, the better CS works for you!


Q: What if the job expires uncompleted?
A: No problem, you still get the card

Q: So, if I get 10 new users I get $50?
A: Yep! Good math ;-)

Q: Why not send me cash?
A: That's not legal everywhere 

Q: Isn't this expensive for you?
A: Media advertising is expensive. And doesn't guarantee people will sign up  `\_O_/"

Q: Can my friend also get the $5 cards if s/he gets new users?
A: Uh... yeah! Why not. Good hack. Once they're on, just have them send us the emails of people they sign up, who list a job. Or forward this email to them.

Crowdservice is the do-everything app, list anything you don't want to do and pick the right price. We guarantee all jobs, or your money back.

Offer expires April 30th. USA Only. Only verifiable emails and accounts will qualify. Only legal job listings will qualify.

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