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Does the app GPS drain my battery?

Only when it's on, and then only a little. Meaning, when you have an active job engaged, the GPS activates only when your position changes significantly in order to catch your new location. We use this optimal strategy to allow users to know where their Bidder is and when they are arriving; and for Bidders to more easily find their customers - while saving on battery life. The protocol we use can be read about here; we use the same strategy on Android: https://developer.apple.com/documentation/corelocation/getting_the_user_s_location/using_the_significant_change_location_service

Why was Crowdservice created?

Crowdservice was developed to create an economy. Or rather, to catalyse the economy which already exists. We are all busy and want more money, more or less. And your smartphone is an amazing tool. Cowdservice is the leanest, safest, most efficient and most fun interface I could imagine to join labor need and money need into as few thumb taps as possible.


I believe that no one should feel exploited, and both customers and providers should feel that their time and money are valued as they value those things. Crowdservice aims to leave you with your money and your time, so you can spend and economize them as you see fit.

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Can I list just any old job that comes to mind?

Yes, and no, and yes.


Yes: Crowdservice's job lisitng routine is about the easiest around. Three screens and you're live. If you don't like the bids that come in you can remove it, or your job will self-expire after the end date.


No: Obviously, if you list a lot of jobs you don't intend to start, it's a waste of time for your bidders, so please consider them. We do have some automated flags we put up to protect our providers' time - but having said that...


Yes: If you're new to Crowdservice, go ahead and list a job just to see how the process works. You can always delete it before starting, with a swipe of a finger.

How do I know the bidder will complete my job?

A few ways.


1) All bidders must provide a valid Paypal account before placing a bid - that is, a valid Paypal ID where they will accept payment at job's end - prior to placing a bid on your job. Furthermore, if they have a silver shield icon next to their name on the bids screen, their Paypal account has been verified with their CS registration email.


2) Feedback, feedback and feedback. If the bider has prior jobs under his or her belt, they are likely to complete your job. If it's an important task, only choose Providers with a good feedback rating. If it's not such a critical chore, save some money and pick a low bid from someone without much feedback.


3) We keep track of non-performing bidders and only give them 1 or 2 chances.


4) Watch for our upcoming guarantee. After we launch that, if a Service Provider fails to complete a job we will pay you for your trouble. You can tell if the bidder is guaranteed because they will have a Guaranteed Badge next to their name. We can't wait to launch that!

I Need Help, but I Don't Have Much Money. Can I List a "Free" Job?

Absolutely. Crowdservice supports personal assistance jobs. Just state the word, "FREE" in your job name, and explain your situation in the job description. For example, "Elderly couple on fixed income needs help walking Shih Tzu. Unable to pay, but Doggie is very friendly" Accept a $0 bid from the Provideer of your choice, and give your Provider a Karma point when you evaluate him or her. Karma points are valuable to your provider. Note: We are working on a modification to make this process easier to designate, but in the meantime you can use the above workaround. Crowdservice will take NO surcharges for $0 jobs, they are all yours.