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Software Engineer

CROWDSERVICE is a newly releasing mobile based, crowdsourcing strategy for labor. Roughly in the “on-demand” field, Crowdservice is unique in being able to create a marketplace for a wide spectrum of services, from light skilled labor to the most immediate of on-demand and professional jobs. Our software handles a safe escrow-based payment engine which automates most contingencies and failure scenarios.  With scale, Crowdservice will be able to take the place of the user’s to-do list with an actionable service, while providing financial and personal safety on a level thus far unavailable in the genre. We compete within the genre by our unique business model, as enabled by the rigorous design of the software itself.


Future iterations of our platform will seek to enhance usability and automaticity through personalization, including predictive intelligence algorithms.


Crowdservice is seeking a forward-thinking software engineer with experience or strong interest in publicly available AI tools such as Google Brain, Watson, and chatbot logic. Our existing portfolio includes:


PHP - Cake / Laravel 5.3 frameworks


iOS (Obj-C and Swift) / Android

PayPal API’s

Geolocation (advanced)

Amazon Web Services


The applicant should have good experience in at least PHP, design and SysOPs and a willingness to learn the other areas. We can outsource specific tasks, but want someone local to manage development and and be a source of currency and creativity. You will be a driving force behind Crowdservice staying competitive in this quickly moving field.


Reimbursement will be based upon a $75,000 annual starting salary, with provisions for internships, part-time work and equity considered and negotiable. Income would be expected to expand with the expansion of our business, and your responsibilities and initiative.


Crowdservice, Inc is a Mountain View, CA company


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iTunes App Store

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