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Love it! I've gotten help with everything from housecleaning and fix-it stuff, to grocery shopping. I hate grocery shopping!

-Angela, Crowdservice customer

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Whenever I have a day off, I bid on whatever jobs are on there. I don't get all of them, but I always make some money

-Dulce, Crowdservice bidder

I do mostly small jobs on Crowdservice, but I've gotten a lot of referrals which lead to big jobs

-Brian, Crowdservice bidder

I love the bid model! I know what my time is worth, and I usually get it. I hated getting ripped off when I was working for [another company]. You guys are the best!

-James, Crowdservice bidder

Ever wish you had a personal assistant?


Crowdservice makes it affordable. Quick-list your chores, and bids come in to you.

Pick your favorite bidder. Want to save money? Pick the lowest bidder. Tough job? Pick a Pro. Once the job is done, you release payment.


We guarantee your money, and we're on hand if you need us.

Delegate everything, affordably:

  • Shopping

  • Cleaning

  • Handyman

  • Pet Care

  • Mobile Mechanic

  • Car Detail

  • Tech Support

  • Professionals/Amateurs

Want to make money on Crowdservice? Our bidders bid for free, and you bid your own price. Not ours. You decide what your time is worth. All payments are transparent, and fees are under 10%

Build your reputation and certifications, and win more bids.

Professionals, please contact us for special ratings.

Over 14,359 users nation-wide. How are we doing in your area?


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